We believe that everyone deserves luxurious beauty sleep...

Our pillowcases are made with high-quality satin and linen materials that are gentle on hair and skin. Unlike regular cotton sheets, our products protect hair from breakage, frizz, and sleep creases, and prevent skin from becoming dehydrated, allowing you to invest in their skincare and natural hair care + also getting a great night's sleep.



Who We Are + Our Why

At Bedford + Raine, we want to ensure that you feel confident in your purchase of our high-quality, luxurious bedding crafted with care and the finest materials. Get to know our founder and her "why" behind why we make what we make. We also believe that sharing our core values is crucial to building a strong connection with our customers. By prioritizing ethical and sustainable production practices, we hope to inspire others to do the same and make a positive impact on our planet.


What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I'm loving the design on one side and the silk comfort and coolness on the other side. As a person who usually wraps her hair up in a silk or satin scarf, it's great to have a cute décor pillow that allows for a scarf like impact. Loving it.


  • I’m very familiar with linen and satin fabrics for my bedding. What I like about Bedford + Raine pillowcases are the two-for-one concept. I normally use satin pillowcases for my natural hair (rather than a satin hair cover), along with my linen sheets.


  • SO this is actually my second purchase and I am OBSESSED with these pillow cases... I love the colors, the feel, the quality. My package came super quick in the cutest box. I run hot when I sleep so the satin side helps keep me cool.


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